Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vintage Trailer Count - Six

Happy to report that the trip to Mississippi was uneventful. Had to replace a missing U bolt on the axle but nothing compared to the trip to South Carolina for Spartan #1. We met some very nice people on our trip, those folks in MS are great! Happily, Spartan #2 has all of the exterior lights we were missing along with most of the interior lights as well. We knew before going to get the trailer that it was in rough shape but was still disappointed by how bad it really is. Guess we were kinda hoping that we might be able to save it. It's just not going to happen. It's sad to sacrifice a trailer but at least the good parts of the trailer will be used to bring others back to life and back onto the road.

Mark has started the rear door repair and I've started the polishing process. For some stupid reason I thought the Spartan would be easier to polish than the Fan..maybe due to the smooth aluminum. Guess what? It's not! It is going to take me forever to get this thing done. It will be awesome when it's finished!