Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"New" Vintage Tin - 1956 Arrowhead

Well it's official, I'm now the proud owner of 4 vintage trailers. I could say that I wasn't really in the market for another trailer but that wouldn't be 100% true. There are a few models on my "most wanted" list but can say that a 1956 Arrowhead wasn't one of them.

Last fall while my older sister was here for Dad's funeral she saw our '72 Shasta. I have to thank my youngest daughter for this one cause I really didn't want to show it to her. It's not that we aren't proud of the Shasta, of course we are..it's gorgeous but it is sitting next to the '70 Dodge Challenger that I purchased from my sister in the early '80's. I had actually gave this car to my son years ago with the agreement that he would restore it. While at college in Nashville he decided to start on it, pulled the engine and trannie and that's the end of that story. So now it sits torn apart in pieces and looks very sad. When my brother-in-law saw it I thought he was going to burst into tears. This car was my sister's high graduation gift from my parents. We lived in Vegas at the time and they search high and low for this car and finally found it in Scottsdale, Arizona. It had to be Plum Crazy Purple and have a white interior. So after finding it they traveled to Arizona and drove it off the show room floor. Let's say it wasn't one of my proudest moments to have them see the shape that it's in.

Anyway, she saw the trailer and decided it would be her mission to make sure I received the old trailer that's been sitting out on our ranch in Colorado. Now here's a fact. This trailer has been a staple on the ranch and has been sitting there since before I was born. I haven't been out there since 2003 and at that time I hadn't caught the vintage tin disease yet so paid as much attention to the trailer as I always had in the past which is none. Let's face it folks, it's pink! Now I know for some people this would make this trailer even more desirable but I'm just not a pink kinda girl, not even when I was young. Anyway, while in Colorado last month my sisters and brothers took a vote and have decided that the trailer now belongs to me. So now I have to figure out a way to get the trailer from Colorado to Illinois, get it rebuilt and then back to Colorado. This trailer really does belong in Colorado, it's a part of the scenery. I do know that it will cost at least $650 to have it hauled to Illinois. No telling how much it will take to rebuild plus the cost of taking it back. So here it is, my latest addition

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Kathy said...

I'll bring it to California and restore it for you! I'll be ready to do a 3rd trailer by next summer!! But can we maybe change the exterior color to red?