Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spartan #3

Yep, we now have three Spartans sitting on the property. We found a very rare 40' 1953 Imperial Spartanette. This trailer was only in production for about 6 months in 1953. It has been bumped up to the top of the list for restoration. This one really is a "long, long, trailer" so it will reside on our lot at the lake. We have spent the summer working on the lake project but not working on the trailer. We had to do a ton of clean up, dismantle a mobile home, make repairs and side the garage. We also rehabbed a small building as a bunkhouse for the grandkids.

For now, our 24' Fan is at the lake. Only down side to that arrangement is that we don't have a working hot water heater. This means luke warm showers after long, hot days. Have to say that Mark has been a trooper about it. We actually planned on installing a on-demand water heater, just haven't gotten around to it. Once the weather turns cold we'll put the Fan into winter storage. We'll still have the bunkhouse in case we want to do any winter camping. Not too sure if Mark will be game for that but I'm up for it!

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