Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1972 Shasta 1400 Update

The news is wonderful! My cabinets are complete. In fact there are just a few finishing touches and my 1400 will be done. Some may say I'm crazy when I consider building a new table and counter tops as "a few finishing touches" but when you start with nothing but rot and filth then what's left to do is nothing.

This adventure started 13 months ago. The trailer had been gutted and used as a cook house. Grease oozed from the floor and the only redeeming qualities was that the windows and skin were in decent shape. Now I have bench seats that make into a king size bed, a closet that houses my clothes closet, porta potti, fridge and microwave (Shasta multi-tasking). Did I mention that I have cabinets? After spending 3 weeks camping in the 1400 during two trips this summer I learned to appreciate the simplicity of a cabinet. At that point all we had completed in the interior was the bench seats. I now have 6 wall cabinets, 8 drawers and 2 base cabinets not to mention the bench seat storage. The shellac is dry, hinges installed and doors hung, it's a very happy time for us right now.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to Indiana for awhile and should be sending the laminate back home with my husband. Once he gets the table and counter top built I'll come home for a day to help him install the laminate. We'll be using it on the table, counter top, the fridge and microwave shelves, the floor of the clothes closet (which is actually above a set of 5, 3 real + 2 fake drawers) and the porta potti slide (which is housed underneath the 3 real drawers and behind the 2 fake drawer fronts). At that time I'll get the measurements to sew my closet/potti room curtains that will hide the potti and fridge from view. I'm still undecided if I'll curtain off the microwave from view, will probably wait to see what it looks like first.

There will still be a few things to finish up like setting the sink and faucet, touching up the paint inside the back wall cabinet and base cabinets. We decided today that we'll trim the seams/joints of the birch paneling with birch strips but we already have those cut. Just have to shellac them in the morning and cut to fit. After all of that is complete I'll clean and polish the floor, then bring the curtains and cushions back in.

Oh my goodness, I have forgotten one very important detail! I'm still undecided about my back splash. At first I decided to use the plastic panels that replicate the tin ceiling look. Then I saw where several others took my idea and I don't want my trailer to look 'common'. So I then decided to use a aluminum 4" tile I found on the net. Luckily I ran across a pic of a trailer where this same tile was used and I didn't like it. So then I thought...what about diamond plate? After giving this some thought I don't want anyone to think it has 'hot rod' theme so now I'm back to the tin ceiling idea. I already have 1 panel that I bought a year ago and I also have a different design that we installed in my Dad's kitchen. So far the one I bought a year ago has been eliminated. It's a copper color and is too close a match to the shellac on my cabinets. I'm going to pick up one other color and compare it to the choice that's left and then I have to make a decision. As this project can be done at anytime I'll probably wait till the counter top, sink and curtains are brought back in to make a final choice. That way the only thing I'll have to blame if I'm not happy is my own judgement.

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Jane Welp said...

I am so inspired by your posting. I bought an old Shasta 1400 but don't know the year yet. It looks just like yours but mine is very beat up looking. I live in The Dalles so I can get some help from Jack's Auto Body shop when my budget permits me to! Right now I am busy checking out the systems to see what's really wrong with it. It really looks like a derelict camper! A local RV shop is going to call back and I can get an appraisal of what needs to be done!