Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Shasta Update...

The aqua boomerang laminate is so cute. Unfortunately it wasn't here in time for my husband to take it back to Illinois so it is in the back of my truck. As I've been staying in an extended stay hotel for the past several weeks and I'm a bit nervous as I can't get the locks to turn on my camper shell. While at the Depot yesterday (can I say how nice it is to have 2 Home Depots and 2 Lowes in the town I'm staying in) I picked up a few more items we'll need to finish the trailer. At home I have to drive 40 miles to the nearest HD and 60 miles to the nearest Lowes.

While Mark was here we found and decided on the backsplash we are going to use. It is a special order item and could take up to a month to come in. That isn't such a huge deal, the only thing it will hold us up with is installing the inside corner extrusion on the counter top. We ran across a great deal on this same extrusion at HD. An employee had made an error on ordering this after they had stopped carrying sheet laminate in store. Therefore they have these 8' pieces marked down to $1.50 each. That's a $17.00 savings per piece (we bought 3). I'll still have to pay the regular price plus shipping from vintage trailer supply for the outside edge extrusion for the counter and table but it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it did.

Some bad news is that I'm having trouble locating a few needed items in the correct finish. We chose a bright chrome finish for the hardware on the cabinets and want it all to match. Finding a door knob for the closet/bath door has turned into a problem. Also finding a faucet for the sink has turned into a hassle. We need a 8" spread faucet and I've found one but it's $150.00. I'm kinda sick about this one. It isn't that I haven't found anything else that will work but it's not what I want. I want a bar sink faucet not a bathroom sink faucet. I'll do some more shopping today and see if I can find something more budget friendly. I've also located a handle for the door but it's $50.00 compared to the $12.00 one I found at HD but in the wrong finish.

Going shopping which I might add is not my favorite thing to do!

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